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App prototype for social impact startup Våga Vittna

How to design a clickable prototype of Våga Vittna's (Dare to Witness) business idea that they can use to pitch to stakeholders. 


Våga Vittna, a social impact startup funded by KTH Innovations, via Startup Strats, a business strategy company for startups.  


Product Designer. I was the sole designer in the project, working together with business strategiest from Startup Strats. 


Lead the Product Design work and create a clickable prototype by the end of the weekend.



5-day project. 

Final clickable prototype

Design Overview


Våga Vittna offers help to crime victims and witnesses and gives lectures on the importance of daring to testify or make a report. I was hired by Startup Strats, a consultant firm that helps startups, to be the product designer on this project.  


Våga Vittna was in a very early stage of the app idea when I met with them. They had started talking to stakeholders already about their idea but needed a prototype to better share their vision. They wanted to enable people to send video recording of a crime easily without much delay. 

Today, without this app, the process to send video recording in Sweden to the police goes through the police's website. The app aims to remove the friction and instead create the possibility for the user to send the video instantly. Also, with the function to automatically remove the video from their phone after sending to limit the risk of witness harassment. 


I joined sessions with business strategists at Startup Strats together with Våga Vittna to better understand their mission, user group, and goals for the weekend. 


The function of the app would allow the user to film a crime on their phone and then directly send this to the police as evidence of the crime, anonymously but including a geo tag of the location.

It was established that Våga Vittna's main user group/target group was younger adults with smartphones who are more prone to record a crime they witness. 

I then facilitied a workshop to establish the user journey; 

​1. The user sees a crime happening, for example a bike is stolen. 

2. The user brings up their phone to record. 

3. The user sends this to the police. 

4. The user do not want to keep the video on their phone in case they are confronted by the person performing the crime. 

I turned the steps from the user journey into wireframes. I presented the gray scale wireframes designed in Figma and agreed with Våga Vittna to continue with the clickable prototype to show the final product. 


The insight of why Våga Vittna had started their company helped me better understand them as clients, their mission, and also their target user group. On the technical side, I learned that we should have worked in the client's Figma from the start and will do so in the next project I design. 

Design Items

Clickable app prototype

With the video Våga Vittna provided to me, I created a clickable prototype with the following steps: 

  1. Video selected as primarily, with the option to toggle to take a picture

  2. Record button including time on top to display the video length. 

  3. Stop button 

  4. Send button (Skicka)

More options

Due to the client's expressed need to showcase different scenarios for other user groups, I finalised more videos to use in the prototype. ​We decided on the following scenarios: 


1. Witness of a robbery.

2. Witness of domestic violence through they eyes of the child.

3. Witness of a house fire to send to the fire department. A video helps fire departments better understand what resources and equipment they need to bring to the fire. ​​​​​

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