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Mobile travel app prototype 'Travel Buddy'

How to design a mobile travel app to increase safety in public transport. 


This project was part of my studies at Hyper Island UX Design Upskill Program. 


My role was UX Designer and I collaborated with four other UX Design students. 


Lead the Product Design work together through the design steps of user research, ideation, and prototyping. 



About 6 weeks. 

Final version
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Design Overview


Hyper Island is a digital creative business school with a consultancy side specializing in industry training using digital technology. It was founded in 1996 in Sweden and has a presence through offices or campuses in Sweden (Headquarters), Brazil, the UK, the US, and Singapore.


Our mission from Hyper Island was to create a travel app. During our qualitative user research, we found out that many people feel unsafe taking public transportation by themselves late at night or in the evening.  We, therefore, wanted to create a travel app that aids travelers on public transport to feel more safe by connecting to each other. 


The focus of this project was the design thinking process, including user research, analyzing the data, ideation, wireframes, and prototyping. We started with user research by sending out surveys online including multiple choice and free text to capture both quantitive and qualitative data.


To define the user needs, problems, and challenges we used affinity diagramming, empathy map, user journey map, defined ‘how might we’s , and actionable problem statement: How might we help people connect with trusted passengers to feel safe while using public transport?

To form a solution in the ideation phase we used brainstorming and the method Crazy 8. Then, we designed task flows, wireflows, and prototypes. We all did our individual designs and then came together to share our insights. 


This project was a good learning experience on the overall process of design thinking and practice in the initial stages of empathizing, defining, and ideation. I enjoyed the process of empathizing with the users and finding solutions to help them feel safer while using public transport.

Design Items

Empathy map

Screenshot 2022-03-17 at 11.39.09.png

User journey

Screenshot 2022-03-17 at 12.50.46.png

User needs

Task flow & Wireframes

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Screenshot 2022-03-31 at 13.55.56.png

High fidelity frames

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